3 Reasons to Have an Insulated Garage Door Installed

When the searing heat of summer arrive at your house, the temperature in your garage will probably be unbearably hot — which means your air conditioning system will have to work extra hard to maintain an optimum temperature in the rest of your home. That won’t be the case if you take steps to keep out the hot air in the summer by having an insulated garage door installed.

An insulated garage door really helps stop the transfer of air from outside to inside and makes the heating and cooling of your house more effective. An insulated garage door consists of two layers of steel, with polyurethane in between. There are several reasons to consider protecting your most valuable investment — your home — with an insulated garage door.

Energy Savings

In the summer, the heat in your garage will make it more difficult to keep your home cool. The harder your HVAC system has to work, the higher your electricity or gas bill will be.

A Comfortable Home

The same is true concerning how comfortable you and your family will be in your home when the temperatures outside are extreme. If the air in your garage is hot or cold, it will be more difficult to keep the rest of your house at a comfortable temperature. White points out that insulated garage doors are an excellent choice for comfort and energy savings even if your garage is detached from your house.

Insulated Doors Look Better, Last Long & Run Quieter

Because insulated doors are heavier than traditional doors, they look better than traditional garage doors. In addition, Atlas Garage Door Orlando offers insulated doors in distinct designs and in a dozen different colors. They even are available with windows, a half-inch of insulated glass that allows the natural light to shine in without subtracting from the overall insulation value of the door.

Are you considering replacing your traditional garage door with an insulated door that will keep your garage and your home cooler in the summer? Check out the experts at Atlas Garage Door Orlando.