How Often Should Garage Door Rollers Be Replaced

Garage Door Rollers are one of the key components in how smoothly and quietly your Garage Door will open and close. These hold the door on the tracks and are an integral part of the unit. If you are wanting to make sure your garage door is opening and closing as smoothly as possible, then you need to take good care of these rollers.

Most Garage Door Manufacturers recommend spraying lubricant on these rollers & hinges every 6 months.  Regular maintenance will help keep them operating properly and to prolong the life of your Garage Door Rollers. Quality, well maintained Garage Door Rollers usually last 12-15 years.


A Garage Door that jams, is slow or loud when opening/closing can be a sign of bad garage door rollers. You can do a visual inspection of your Garage Door Rollers to see if they are the culprit. If you are able to see damage, such as cracks or wear on your rollers, something should to be done. If the Garage Door Rollers do not appear to be damaged or worn out, make sure they are securely attached to the shaft. Take a hold of the roller and give it a tug. The roller should be firm with little wiggle or play movement. If the roller is moving on the shaft, the bearing is more than likely worn out and the roller should be replaced.