Garage Door Repair Apopka Florida

Garage Door Repair Apopka Florida

Atlas Garage Door knows that door problems don’t happen when it is convenient for you, so that is why Atlas Garage Door Orlando is always open 24/7, 365 days of the year. Having a broken garage door can cause major problems. Whether a spring breaks in the middle of the night, or your garage door operator won’t function properly when you are leaving for work, Atlas Garage Door will be there for you. We offer Garage Door Repair Apopka Florida services for residential garage doors. Atlas Garage Door is available 24/7, 365 days a year. No matter of time of day, a weekend or even a holiday, our Garage Door Repair Apopka Company will answer the phone and will be there for you and your home.

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Atlas Garage Door Orlando works with some of the highest rated Garage Door & Garage Door Opener Manufacturers across the Country.

Local Apopka Florida Garage Door Services

This is the most common garage door opener repair that can be fixed by the realignment of the photo eyes or the replacing of the warn sockets and gears that are found within the garage door opener. Other common repairs include: replacing the limit switches, drive trains, drive belts, garage door opener’s motor, circuit boards etc. If any of these are happening with your garage door opener, call Atlas Garage Door Orlando today for a Free Estimate.

Springs allow the door to easily open and close manually or with an electric opener. Springs come in varying sizes and act as a balance for lifting most of the weight of the garage door. This is a common garage door repair.
Cables are an important piece of equipment that ensures efficient and smooth operation of the garage door. The cables hold the door’s weight as the garage door moves up and down. When the cables break your door becomes inoperable and needs to be repaired for the garage door to function again.

If you have a broken garage door remote, first are the batteries. There are several pieces within the opener remote that might need checked also.

Garage doors have many working parts from rollers, to springs, to cables and tracks. If any of these are not working, it makes the garage door inoperable also. Replacing worn rollers and hinges will provide a smoother operation. If you have a bent, or malfunctioning rollers and hinges, trust your repairs to the garage door experts at Atlas Garage Door Orlando.

Panels are the front door to your garage door. If the panels are cracked, bent, broken or warped, they make the appearance of your garage door unappealing. The next time you notice the garage door panels are broken, trust the repair to Atlas Garage Door Orlando

Garage Doors take a beating all year long. With heat and rain in the summer & hurricane seasons, these all make your garage door fade, the panels warp and the weather seal crack. When your garage door starts to look worn out and doesn’t have great curb appeal, it might be time for a new garage door. Getting a new garage door is easy with Atlas Garage Door Orlando. We will help you select the right garage door for your house.

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